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Because we will give you the best rate!
In the past there were many loan programs. Good loan consultants helped choose a loan that best fit their clients' needs. Today, many loan programs have vanished. Also, because of risk, fixed loans are most in demand. Less programs and fixed loan popularity means less consulting. So before you go with the company that preaches great service, take a look at our great rates. Great service today is getting loans approved. Our site reflects how we do business. We have nothing to hide. You can get live rates without giving any personal information. Thanks for visiting.
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"I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the job everyone did at your company. I have refinanced several times in the past and usually pick the company that has the lowest rates. Of course I did the same when I chose your company. However, this time I received great service to go with the low rate."
Mary & Steve Robinson
"I just wanted to thank you for constantly following up with me. The last time I refinanced it seemed as if I always had to follow up with the mortgage company. Thanks for staying on top of everything and keeping things moving forward."
Don Jerome
"Your company was so much more professional then the last mortgage company I used. Every question I asked was answered honestly and accurately. I would recommend you to anyone."
John Smith